Eicash originated with the vision to eradicate counterfeit and duplicity of products which brings severe damage on any brand’s reputation in the industry. Built with the DNA of innovation and IT, the services offered include security holograms with complete end-to-end printing and packaging solutions. We have established ourselves in the industry to offer integrated IT enabled authentication solutions at a very nominal cost. Moreover, our services cater towards brand promotion by offering added value to your customers. Young and enthusiastic in the industry, we are committed to cause a difference in securing your business with total safeguarding against counterfeit and duplicity of your products. Constant innovation is what makes us ahead and our solutions result-oriented.

Why Eicash

World’s Best Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Non-clonable Identity

Eicash provides an unique, non-clonable identity for all your products Packaging.

Counterfeit Reporting

Not Just protection against counterfeiting but immediate counterfeit identification and reporting.

Easy to use

Eicash consumer facing mobile application provides quickest and easiest method of verifying product authenticity.

Globally Applicable

Eicash is a global system, so rest assured your products are safe not just in your region but globally.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest of mobile, machine learning, QR code, NFC, computer vision, blockchain, infrastructure, cryptography making Eicash one of the most advanced systems.

Instant Cashback

Eicash is a real time system so you can get your Cashback Instantly.